What Type of Fencing Should You Install?

What is the best type of fence for Utah

Planning to install new fencing, but not sure what fence material to choose? Exploring your options is easier with a local professional contractor – and most, including the team at All Over Fence, offer free consultations.

Many homeowners are surprised to find out just how many different fencing materials are available. Each has merits and drawbacks, so deciding on the right type of fence to install requires careful thought. For a starting point, take a look at the following popular options for residential properties.

What is the best type of fence for Utah

Wood Fencing

A natural wood fence is a classic choice, and homeowners prize the material for its beauty, style and versatility. Wood fencing can last for decades, but it requires regular maintenance and yearly staining or painting.

Composite Wood Fencing

Fencing made of composite wood, a blend of recycled materials including paper pulp and wood fiber, offers the look and feel of natural wood – but with much less maintenance. On the minus side, a composite wood fence can be costly.

Vinyl Fencing

With durability, longevity and a vast range of style options, low-maintenance vinyl fencing offers several advantages. However, for homeowners with tight budgets, installing a vinyl fence may not be the best choice.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

In terms of strength, security and durability, ornamental iron is one of the top fencing options. But the price for installation can be high, and an ornamental iron fence requires regular care and attention to prevent corrosion problems.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is an affordable, low-maintenance fence material. It’s also quite versatile, available in a vast range of styles, designs and colors. Aluminum fencing can last a lifetime, but anyone looking for privacy and security may want to choose another option.

Chain Link Fencing

Compared to other fence materials, chain link is among the least expensive. Plus, it’s durable and practically maintenance-free. However, there’s no denying that this type of fence has a more basic, utilitarian look and doesn’t offer much security.

With all of the options, choosing the right type of fence to install is never an easy decision. Discussing your fence installation with a local professional contractor is really in your best interest, as an expert can come out to your property and help you select fencing that meets your needs and your budget.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, make an appointment with the experts at All Over Fence. Our professional team has over 20 years of experience, and we can help you find the perfect fence for your northern Utah property.

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Wood Fencing vs. Composite Wood Fencing

Wood fence vs composite wood fencing

If you love to look of a wooden fence, composite wood fencing offers the natural beauty and ambiance of solid wood, yet it’s made from a blend of recycled materials, paper pulp and wood fiber.

Both options come with benefits and drawbacks, and neither is the right choice for everyone. If you’re trying to choose between a wooden fence and composite wood fencing, check out our handy comparison guide to learn more about each material.

Wood fence vs composite wood fencing

Fence Costs

When it comes to new fencing, price is an important factor for most customers.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, wooden fencing generally costs less than a composite wood fence. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the trusted online home improvement resource, installing natural wood fencing costs between $10 and $20 per foot. In comparison, the price to have a composite fence installed falls in the range of $15 and $45 per foot.

Fence Maintenance

Despite the higher initial cost, many customers prefer composite wood fencing – and maintenance is often the reason they cite.

Composite fencing doesn’t require much ongoing care other than an occasional hose-down. A natural wood fence, on the other hand, needs frequent maintenance. At least once per year, it needs to be stained or painted. And, if any sections happen to rot, they’ll need to be repaired or replaced.

Fence Durability

Wooden fencing and composite fences can both remain stable and secure for decades.

The difference here, though, is that a natural wood fence can only resist termites, severe weather and mold stains if it is treated on a regular basis. Composite wood isn’t affected by insects or mold, and it’s designed to stand strong in heavy storms. The inherent durability is why composite fences typically come with longer warranties than wooden fencing.

Fence Style

In terms of beauty and style, composite fencing and wooden fences are on equal footing.

Composite wood looks completely real, with textures and colors that closely mimic those of cedar, pine, redwood and a variety of other types of wood. At a glance, it’s hard to tell the difference! However, wooden fencing does have one small advantage in the style department – homeowners can easily change the look by applying a different finish or paint color.

Still on the fence about which type of fencing is right for you? The professional team at All Over Fence, a northern Utah industry leader with over 20 years of expertise, can answer your questions and offer expert advice on the best option to meet your needs and fit your budget.

All Over Fence offers affordable, high-quality fencing solutions with a range of customization options. If you’re planning to enclose your Salt Lake City area property with either a wooden fence or composite wood fencing, contact us and schedule a free consultation today.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing a New Fence

Benefits of installing a new fence

As fencing contractors, we’re probably a little biased – but we’re not stretching the truth when we say installing a new fence is a smart move.

If you’ve never considered putting in property fencing, you might want to give the idea some serious thought. Whether you go with wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, composite wood or any other type of material, you’ll enjoy several advantages after installing a new fence.

Here are five compelling reasons why adding fencing to your property makes good sense.

Benefits of installing a new fence

No. 1: A New Fence Provides Home Security

A property without a fence is open to the outside world – anyone can enter at any time, with little to no effort. Someone could easily stroll up and steal your patio furniture, or worse, break into your home. Install new fencing, and your property will be less vulnerable to intruders.

No: 2: A New Fence Keeps Kids & Pets Safe

New fencing doesn’t just work to keep people out – it also keeps kids and pets on your property. Your back yard can be a private play area for your children, a safe haven for them to let out their energy. At the same time, a fence allows your dog to safely go outside without a leash.

No. 3: A New Fence Ensures Your Privacy

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit out on the back porch or deck and enjoy your morning coffee in your bathrobe? Or have a romantic dinner under the shade trees in the backyard? Try either of these without a privacy fence, and you may be putting on a show for your neighbors.

No. 4: A New Fence Establishes Boundary Lines

After you install new fencing, your property will have clear boundary lines – no more guessing where, exactly, your responsibility for upkeep ends. Even if you get along with your neighbors, using a fence to establish a boundary between your properties puts an end to any confusion.

No. 5: A New Fence Boosts Home Value & Curb Appeal

Homes that have property fencing tend to sell for higher prices than similar houses that don’t have fences. This might not mean much now, but it will if you end up putting your property on the market at some point in the future. Plus, the boost in home value gives you a bigger cushion of funds to borrow against, should a home equity loan become necessary.

Have we convinced you to consider the idea of installing new fencing? If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area and you’re ready to explore your options, talk to the professional contractors at All Over Fence.

A leader in the northern Utah fencing industry, All Over Fence offers high-quality customized and fabricated fence solutions to match any budget and style preference. We can help you find fencing that meets your needs – and with over 20 years of experience, you can count on expert installation.

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