Barbed Wire Fencing

Since the mid-1800s, barbed wire fencing has provided an affordable and highly effective way to secure property. It remains popular today with farmers and ranchers, as a way to keep livestock in and predators out.

This material is also ideal when used in combination with iron, chain link and other fencing materials, to provide an extra layer of security.

In Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah, All Over Fence sells, installs, repairs and maintains barbed and razor wire fencing. We provide truly customized designs and solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Whatever your Utah fencing contractor needs, we are the locally owned and operated expert in all types of fencing.

Barbed Wire Fence Options & Applications

Barbed wire consists of twisted strand steel fencing wire with sharp-pointed barbs attached at periodic intervals. It is stretched with tension between steel posts at the desired height. You can choose from low and high tensile strength, based on its application.

The material is coated – with zinc, zinc alloy or polymers – to provide maximum longevity. You can choose single- or double-strand twisted wire with single or double barbs.

Whether you choose this material for use in a rural or agricultural setting, or if you would like to top a metal or masonry fence for extra security, All Over Fence can provide a customized design and installation that will help you achieve your goals.


Benefits of Barbed Wire Fencing

Without question, this material is one of the most effective – and cost-effective – ways to contain and secure property of all types. The installation is simple, quick and affordable, even for the largest projects.

In any application, this material can be constructed to be highly discouraging to people and animals who may try to cross it. As effective as it is, it requires virtually no maintenance. Even in the taxing Utah weather conditions, this material will endure year after year.

You can use this material for small projects around your home or business or you can use it to secure hundreds of acres of farm or ranch land – or anything in between.

Barbed Wire Fencing Installation

All Over Fence provides professional project design and installation of barbed wire fence for our northern Utah customers. We also offer maintenance and repair as well as fence removal and replacement.

We have provided expert services to Utah clients for more than two decades, making us one of the most trusted Utah fencing contractors. We provide personalized attention, designing your project to your specifications. We work hard to help you meet your goals while staying within your budget.

If you would like to learn more, or to schedule a consultation and customized estimate for your barbed wire fence project, contact our office today.