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Wood Fencing vs. Composite Wood Fencing

If you love to look of a wooden fence, composite wood fencing offers the natural beauty and ambiance of solid wood, yet it’s made from a blend of recycled materials, paper pulp and wood fiber. Both options come with benefits and drawbacks, and neither is the right choice for everyone. If you’re trying to choose

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Top 5 Benefits of Installing a New Fence

As fencing contractors, we’re probably a little biased – but we’re not stretching the truth when we say installing a new fence is a smart move. If you’ve never considered putting in property fencing, you might want to give the idea some serious thought. Whether you go with wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, composite wood or

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How to Keep Vinyl Fencing Strong & Looking Like New

Vinyl fencing is practically maintenance-free. It’s insect-proof, resists weather better than most other fence materials and doesn’t age or fade over time – really, a vinyl fence can look great and stand strong for decades with very little care. But, that’s not to say you should completely ignore your vinyl fencing after installation. To keep