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Installing a New Fence for Fido? Planning Effective Dog Fencing

If you’re planning to install a new fence to contain your pooch, you need to be practical. Dog fencing can have style – you absolutely can choose a design that suits your aesthetic preferences. However, the barrier you select must actually work to stop your furry friend from wandering about the neighborhood. Before you decide

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Why Choose Cedar for Wood Fencing?

For wood fencing, cedar is a popular choice – but why? Sure, cedar looks fabulous but aesthetic appeal can’t be the only reason it’s a favorite for wooden fences. As it turns out, cedar offers several advantages. Though fences made from pine, Douglas fir, cypress, oak and other types of wood can be just as

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Does Ornamental Iron Fencing Rust?

Ornamental iron fencing can boost the aesthetic appeal and increase the value of any home or business property. And, when it comes to durability, strength and security, iron fences are hard to beat. Of course, iron is a metal – and that leads many people to wonder about rust. But is rusting really a concern?