Your Preferred Fence Contractor in Davis County

Keeping a residential or commercial property secure while improving its overall appearance is possible with All Over Fence, a trusted fence contractor in Davis County, Utah. As your fence provider, we design, install, service, fix and repair fences. We also sell materials for DIY fencing.

Choose from Our Selection of Fencing Systems

Our team of insured and bonded fencing specialists installs the following types of fences:

  • Barbed Wire Fence – This option works well to keep predators out and livestock in.
  • Chain Link Fence – Looking for a fence that offers durability and strength at an affordable price? Chain link fences may be the right choice for you. Use this fencing for schools, industrial facilities and construction sites.
  • Composite Wood Fence – Composite fences have the low-maintenance characteristics of vinyl and the look and feel of natural wood. It’s easy to install in areas with highly sloped, contoured or stepped lots.
  • Ornamental Iron Fence – This option is ideal for pool enclosures, perimeter security and porch railings. The fencing system’s UV-inhibiting sealers and powder-coated finishes make this fence almost maintenance-free.
  • Temporary Fence – This fence helps with crowd control during events such as festivals and concerts. It also keeps vandals and trespassers off your property.
  • Wood Fence – With this type of fencing, you can enhance the curb appeal of your property and get the privacy and security you want.
  • Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl lasts for decades. You never need to repaint it, making this fence maintenance-free and cost-effective. Use vinyl fences in large areas such as ranches, pastures, and oversized lots.

Look Forward to Affordable and Quality Fencing

When you pick us as your fence contractor in Davis County, Utah, you can expect quality workmanship. We install fencing systems according to safety standards, and complete them on time and according to budget.

You’ll also find that our fencing solutions are affordable. You can enhance your property’s security and improve its appearance without breaking the bank.

Call us at (801) 556-2882 or complete our contact form for inquiries about our fencing products and services.