Installing a New Fence for Fido? Planning Effective Dog Fencing

If you’re planning to install a new fence to contain your pooch, you need to be practical.

Dog fencing can have style – you absolutely can choose a design that suits your aesthetic preferences. However, the barrier you select must actually work to stop your furry friend from wandering about the neighborhood.

Before you decide what type of new fence to install, think about the type of dog you have. Pooches can present a range of containment challenges, so no single type of dog fencing is effective for every pet. Here are five factors you may need to consider when planning your property fencing.

Planning an effective fence for your dog

Make Leaping Over Impossible

If your dog likes to jump, you’ll need to make sure your new fence is tall enough to prevent an escape. Four feet might be enough for smaller pooches, but bigger breeds may need fencing that’s at least six feet in height.

Create a Climb-Proof Barrier

With a climber, installing dog fencing that doesn’t provide a pooch with any easy footholds is essential. For a climb-proof new fence, choose one with solid panels. Wood and vinyl are practical options. Chain link and ornamental iron, not so much.

Contain Dogs Who Like to Dig

Digging dogs can be a bit trickier to contain. Putting down a gravel barrier at the base of the new fence may help, but you might need to consider adding a kickboard at the bottom instead. Alternatively, you could opt to extend the dog fencing below ground level.

Design for Determined Dogs

For a pooch that’s persistent, installing dog fencing made of a highly-durable material like vinyl is best – a strong, sturdy fence stands a better chance at standing up to a canine that chews or continually attempts to bust his way through.

Put a Stop to Endless Barking

Does your four-legged friend bark every time someone walks by? Install fencing that completely blocks their view. With a privacy fence, you won’t hear constant barking – if your pooch can’t see the outside world, they’ll have much less to bark at.

Whether you have a pint-sized pup or downright massive dog, there is a fencing solution that can meet your style needs and safely contain your canine. For expert help planning a new fence for your furry friend, call on the professional contractors at All Over Fence.

A northern Utah industry leader, All Over Fence offers a vast range of high-quality customized and fabricated fencing options to satisfy any budget and aesthetic preference. If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area and want to install a new fence that works for both you and your pooch, contact us and schedule a dog fencing consultation today.