Why Choose Cedar for Wood Fencing?

For wood fencing, cedar is a popular choice – but why? Sure, cedar looks fabulous but aesthetic appeal can’t be the only reason it’s a favorite for wooden fences.

As it turns out, cedar offers several advantages. Though fences made from pine, Douglas fir, cypress, oak and other types of wood can be just as attractive, cedar is widely considered to be the best species for wood fencing.

cedar wood fencing


Cedar is an incredibly strong, durable wood — only redwood is a match in terms of durability. Choose cedar, and you’ll have fencing that stands straight and remains stable for many years to come. Fences made from other woods simply don’t last as long.

What makes cedar wood fencing so durable?

Cedar contains natural oils that make it more resistant to insect infestations, rotting and the effects of harsh weather. Thanks to these oils, cedar fences also age quite nicely, keeping their color instead of fading to gray as some wood fences tend to do as time goes on.


With cedar wood fencing, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. A versatile wood, it works for picket fences, privacy fences, board-on-board fences, lattice fences and much more. Plus, many different toppers and edging options are on the table when you choose cedar.

Cedar is also free of resins, so wood fencing made from this material can accept and retain a vast range of gorgeous finishes. From light-colored bleaches to dark stains, there’s an option for everyone. Or, to preserve the wood’s natural beauty, select a semi-transparent finish.


If going green is one of your goals, you can’t go wrong with cedar. This wood has a low carbon footprint, and it comes from responsibly-managed, sustainable forests that plant millions of new saplings immediately after harvest.

These forests are located in Pacific Northwest states and in British Columbia. So, the transportation costs to get the cedar to northern Utah are less than some other fencing materials. Plus, since the wood is lightweight, delivering it requires fewer fossil fuels.

Cedar is durable, versatile, sustainable and exceptionally beautiful – what more could anyone want in wood fencing? If you’re ready to enclose your northern Utah property, the professional contractors at All Over Fence can explain your options and help you decide on a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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