Wood and Ornamental Iron Fencing in Woods Cross, Utah

For many home or business owners, a fence is more than just a boundary marker. It serves this purpose, yes, but it’s also a representation of the property’s style, purpose and overall class.

If you view your fencing this way, the pros at All Over Fence can’t wait to add you to our list of Woods Cross, Utah clients. We have several fencing options that help a home or business maintain classy, elegant features, plus professionals who will work with you every step of the way, from conceptualization to installation and future upkeep.

ornamental iron fencing Woods Cross Utah

Ornamental (Wrought) Iron Fences

For a wonderful combination of security and aesthetics, ornamental iron fences never go out of style. They’re extremely durable products, with powder-coating finishes and other sealers that remove any risks of rust or corrosion that may have been present in previous generations.

They’re also among the strongest fence materials we offer, a big plus for properties where security is a need. We can work with you to install a wrought iron fence for any property, large or small.

Classic Wood Options

For those truly looking for the most classic fence solutions available, traditional wood is hard to beat. It’s available in any size and format you can think of, with finishes and stains to protect it from any and all weather elements. Whether you need a small wood boundary or a larger privacy fence, we have the materials and experts on hand to assist you.

For more on any of our residential or commercial fencing options in Woods Cross and nearby areas, speak to the staff at All Over Fence today.