Wood and Vinyl Fencing in Sandy, Utah

At All Over Fence, we’re proud to serve every variety of fence need and desire for Sandy and nearby residents. Whether you prefer the classic style and traditional fencing materials or sleek, modern options that include cutting edge materials, we have the selection and installation expertise to bring your home or business the perfect fencing solutions within your budget.

This starts with a trusted team made up of well-trained local professionals. We stand by our work, with long-term maintenance services for both our own fences and those supplied by other contractors, and we truly exemplify the term “full service.”

vinyl fencing Sandy Utah

Vinyl Fencing

Perhaps the single most popular modern fencing material is vinyl, which holds benefits in both practical and aesthetic areas. Vinyl fencing is perfect for a wide variety of styles and needs, from privacy concerns to accenting landscaping or other high-value property areas. And as an added plus, it requires virtually no upkeep to maintain its great condition, free of cracks, chips or even minor color fading.

Wood Fencing

For a more classic look, many choose to go with wood fencing. This strong, durable product fits right in with the Utah outdoors, and we have several weather-resistant finishing options to protect it from the elements.

For the Sandy home or business owner looking for a combination of wood and vinyl’s qualities, however, you might consider composite wood. Composite wood refers to a product that looks and feels like wood, but is actually made of a combination of plastic and wood particles that are more durable and come with the same low-hassle qualities as vinyl. These materials will resist wear-and-tear even further than traditional wood options, and are also friendly to the environment.

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